If you are planning a trip with your little toddler, then you will need to be extra careful about several things.  A vacation or a trip with a toddler can prove very challenging if you are not properly equipped with all the essentials.

To help you pack better, we have a list of 12 essential things for a trip with a toddler by your side:

essentials to pack on a trip with a toddler1.      Diapers

The first and most basic requirement to pack on a trip with a toddler are diapers. Make sure you have enough in your hand bag or baby bag and the rest packed up in the luggage.

2.      Baby wipes

Another essential item is baby wipes.  Baby wipes are useful for a number of purposes, and even more when you are out on a trip with no other alternative.

3.      Clothes

Depending upon the weather of your destination, make sure you pack enough clothes for your little baby. Keep atleast 2 pairs in the baby bag and the rest of them in the luggage.

4.      Bibs

Feeding a baby without a bib can be daunting. Make sure you have atleast 2 bibs with you at all times and extra ones in the luggage.

5.      Sippy cup

Your baby might not sip water or any other liquid through any container other than a Sippy cup.  Carry 2 Sippy cups with you in the baby bag and make sure they are not the drippy ones.

6.      Familiar toys

the toddler too must have his/her form of entertainment on the trip and for this, make sure you pack the familiar toys.

7.      Medicines

Never leave for a trip with a toddler without all the required and essential medicines.  Take fever medicine, gas drops, ear drops, pain reliever and a thermometer with you for emergencies.

8.      Hand sanitizer

You will need a hand sanitizer every now and then, since water may not always be available close by on a trip.

9.      Storage bags

You may not always find an appropriate place to throw away used diapers and for this, you must carry a large sized storage bag with you.

10.  Pacifiers

Make sure you carry atleast 3 pacifiers with you on the trip with a toddler.

11.  Stroller

If you are travelling by your own car, taking a stroller along isn’t a bad idea.

12.  Toiletries

Don’t forget to pack toiletries for your little one when travelling out as hotel toiletries may not suit your baby every time.

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