We start travelling as a kid with family and when we reach the age for travelling by ourselves, the first option is usually travelling alone or with groups of friends. However, travelling with family is completely a different experience and needs a thorough homework –thus this article would be of significant help to newly married couples, or new parents who have just started travelling with family.

Handling the choices of the different members you are travelling with, taking care of everyone’s needs and yet enjoying every bit of the travel – yes its easy and fun if you follow the few tips and tactics offered below –

do’s and dont’s of family vacationThe Do’s –

Try to Ship Supplies in Advance

Travelling with families usually mean having kids and too many luggage. If you are planning to have an air travel then your luggage limitation would be fixed, thus try to ship the items that would be needed during the vacation. Get the shipping details of the hotel and see if you can send some of the packages (like some clothes, diapers, wipes, toys and snacks) in advance.

Select an Appropriate Accommodation

This is a very important decision when you are taking your family along. If you can involve your spouse in this decision making – that would be best as suggestions can help you to pick the best name. Check the amenities, services and features of the hotel and match with your needs. Children would love adjacent parks and pools, instead of a roadside lodge.

Try to Book a Suit

It would pinch your pocket – true! But having a suite stay with family is probably the most comfortable option as you get a perfectly home ambience with separate living room, bed room, kitchen, refrigeration etc. In a small hotel room, the family members might find it a crammed room and lack of space to relax.

Order the Food in the Hotel

If your hotel has an in house restaurant, opt for that place or else order the food in your room. You never know how kids behave suddenly and any ill behaviour can turn out to be really embarrassing somewhere outside. Thus, forget having a flamboyant lounge dinner with your family, especially if your kids are small. If drinking is in your schedule, take it early by evening and doze off gently; throwing up or creating a mess is definitely what you would want in front of your family.

Check out the Pharmacy options

Emergencies do not knock beforehand, thus check the location and services of the pharmacy before you need it. You must already have brought the emergency and important medications with you, even then just keep a check what is available in the drug store and get the number of the doctor available round the clock.

The Don’ts –

Relaxation should not be your Need

If you are travelling with family, you should not be expecting solitary and lonely moments as there will be others who will be expecting your presence during the travel. You might spend time surfing with kids or go for a shopping spree with your spouse, but sipping juice all alone and day dreaming would definitely not be possible during a family travel.

Avoid Air Travel

Kids and air travel usually do not go really peaceful; they get cranky and depressed if it’s a long one. If flight is essential then have enough of engagement with you like DVDs, iPad, snacks, toys etc. Instead you would love a family vacation on road, speeding up the radio volume.

Let the Kids Discover the Play Area First

Babies need to feel comfortable – and this is the first priority when you are on family travel. Let the kids discover the play areas that would interest them the most; allow your baby to spend some time in the hotel crib and get adjusted to the environment, then you can take the baby to the room and amaze her even more.

Do not Force or Whine

Interests and likings vary, you might love the pool but others can be longing for a horse ride. Do not whine on the preferences, instead see how you can keep them satisfied and engaged with their preferred activities. It is not essential that your family will like the ocean or mountains as you do, thus it’s always better to know the choice before you plan the destination.

The above points would help you to enjoy a perfect, fun filled vacation with family. However there are many more points to be kept in mind like attending your kids and spouse as much as possible, not letting them go alone anywhere or stay away from them for long hours, staying in communication always, carrying ID proofs of all the members and checking all the details of the destination well in advance so that you do not face any problem or legal hassles when you reach the destination.


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