Water parks have always been places to enjoy and relax. Attractions and fun, as well as good experience in the summer – this is all that the water parks of the U.S. are suggesting to their clients. Here are some of the best water parks on the territory of the country, where you can find coolness even in the hottest days of the year.

One of the best places, when it comes to water parks is the Schlitterbahn Water Park. It is one of those water parks that surely will welcome you promising adventure.


It is very good for a family vacation, for the park is offering near 3 miles of tubing water adventures, as well as 7 water playgrounds for children, lots of swimming pools and lounge area, where you can relax under the shades of the trees.

Another water park that is eminent for being more than attractive is the Disney`s Blizzard Beach. Located in Florida, this is a vacation that will be remembered with its attractions and fun time. The attractions here are like in a Disneyland, but it is not so crowded.


The good news is while your child is having fun at the water grounds, you can relax in the magnificent spa center, which is offering water procedures.

Splashdown Water Park in South Texas is also a surprise, which you shouldn’t miss. It is also the biggest water park in Texas as it is placed on 20 landscaped acres and it is entirely orientated towards the family vacations.

The program of the park is suggesting something new for each day of your rest there. One of the best attractions is the river ride, as well as the largest Wave Pool in Texas. Water ski and jet`s experience are also major reason why to visit this stunning water park.


The boat tours are also preferred by many visitors, for they are showing the beauty of San Antonio’s landscape and a nature, which you will surely enjoy.

Another water park that you surely need to visit is the so called Wet`n Wild. It is placed in Carolina and perhaps the name sounds too naughty for you, but it doesn’t hide anything, simply because this park is offering wild water experience and it is very proper for big companies or resting with friends.

Of course families are also welcome, but the water park is relaying on more wild water fun activities that raise your adrenalin. The park is equipped with more than 34 rides and offers amazing activities for everyone.


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