Group rides are great fun if you have a bunch of people who like to sweat it out on their bicycles. It is not only good exercise but it is also a great way to understand how to behave as a team. You may see that there are several biker teams and you may have seen them doing their gig on rocky terrain.

But you will be surprised how very little people know about the basics when it comes to group riding. There are a few rules that need to be followed while you are riding in a group and if you do not follow these then the entire system will be a mess.

tips for enjoyable group biking ridesGroup Bike Riding Tips

  • The aim of riding in a group is ‘to ride together’. It is not a race and there is no need for you to show off your physical prowess. You need to be in the group, behave like a team player and enjoy the entire process.
  • Make sure that when you are in such a group riding exercise, you are cycling in pairs. Your partner needs to be beside you so that you are bar to bar.
  • Maintain proper distance behind the cyclist before you. You need to be slightly behind so that a bus cannot fit within the two of you nor do you face a compromising situation in case the cyclist before you brakes suddenly.
  • Understand that you are not to be in a straight line. If you are the second in line then your wheels need to be a couple of inches to the right of the person before you. The one riding behind you needs to adjust their position so that they are a couple of inches to your left (behind you). So in other words the first and the third position riders will be in line and the second and the fourth position riders will be in line.
  • If you are leading the group and you need to rest then make sure your partner knows about it. Both of you slowly flank off to the side and let the rider behind you take your spot. You can rejoin the group in the end.
  • Make sure that your group is not divided into clumps. All your riders need to be riding together and gaps like these can ruin the spirit of the ride.

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