This piece of paradise was untouched since centuries. Now Vieques Island is going to be part of the modernization that emphasized the entire Caribbean island.

This small wild island is known as the best place for a peaceful vacation. It possesses wilderness, nature and an amazing eco system. These facts are not enough for the hotel chains and the resorts builders.

virgin vieques

Soon this island will be part of a huge resort chain and the peace will no longer be part of the Vieques Island. The boutique resort that is going to be built at the island is called Hix House and offers luxury vacations with all kinds of accommodations.

This is good news for the business, but is it for the local people or for keeping the untouched nature the way it is? Perhaps no one could answer this question.

There is no way the hotel invasion could be stopped. The island, whose main living resource is the fish in the ocean, will now orientate into tourism. There are already changes.

The island is going to be a preferred place for people who want attractions and crowds. Now, with the building of the new resort there will be bars, restaurants, internet, huge shopping areas and one important thing- civilization. But what about the wild side of island beauty?


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