USA is truly a legend as possibilities are concerned. Still if many Americans dream of seeing Europe, a lot of Europeans dream of seeing America.

In spite of what many people would think, USA has a lot of places one should see during a lifetime. Surprising or not the best of them are not decided by the number of visitors but more likely by the special feeling they leave in their visitors’ soul. [Tourist Destination in America]

Here are 5 of the most worthy to visit places in USA. Judge them by the memory they could offer you and make time to pay them a visit whether you are American or not.

1. New York City

Yes, it is the Big Apple. But it also is the home of the Statue of Liberty and Central Park. Here you can visit the Empire State Building and be amazed by the Rockefeller Center.

You can get in touch with culture at the Metropolitan Museum, walk on the Fifth Avenue and feel the buzz of the Wall Street. Know this: this place will make you come alive.

2. Bryce Canyon National Park

America can be proud with a few spectacular national wonders and Bryce Canyon National Park in Utah is surely one of them. The rock formations in spectacular colors are the result of erosion by wind and rain.

Still this rough terrain is very spectacular and deserves to be seen at least once in a life time.

3. San Francisco’s Golden Gate Bridge

One of the architectural wonders of the modern world, this amazing piece is the proof how functionality can be a work of art. Can you wonder why it is the city label of San Francisco?

4. The Fire Waterfall From Yosemite

This is a place that fired up the imagination of so many Doomsday movies. The Yosemite is a natural wonder but the fire waterfall is a phenomenon that it can be seen every fall. This is but a jewel from the Yosemite for Yosemite is a treasure chest.

5. Big Sur

If there ever was a daring adventurer’s paradise then Big Sur would fit the profile. A spectacular coast and a perfect road trip destination, this is also the home of the outdoor adventure.

If you think that the adventure runs in your blood go see the wild beauty of Big Sur.


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