As you grow old, the fear and apprehension which clouds over you are often due to a probing question, ‘How will you spend your days of retirement?’ Well, there are options other than to trap yourself within the perimeters of your home and spend boring, monotonous retirement days.

Go out and explore the world! Though age-related ailments can pose to be a problem, no need of worrying as this article guides you to some best world tours specially designed for the senior citizen.

tour guide to the elderly

Top Destinations for Elderly People

Below is a list of travel destinations which satisfactorily caters to your desire for ventures across the world and explores the beauty of lush greenery, or enlighten yourself with the historical aspects-museum, architectural monuments- of the culture-rich cities all over the world:


The warm climate and civilized lifestyle comprising of a rare combination of unique natural beauty and cultural attraction renders it to be appealing for the silver travelers. With large expatriate communities near Valencia and Andalusia it can be a favorable population destination for the elderly people native to Britain.


History beckons us as we grow old which might be the case for you too. With dazzling highlights such as Venice, Florence or Pompeii and its prominent capital Rome with surely cater to your historical needs. Ancient and beautiful are words which are associated with Italy which will be justified when you tour the medieval treasures of Tuscany, gaze in awe at Colisseum or enjoy the pristine, magnificent view of Sistine chapel. However, always try to order tickets for the museums to avoid standing in long queues.


A one-spot destination providing you with innumerable world heritage sites, cathedrals and royal palaces. English castles such as Amberley Castle and Broomhall Castle in Scotland are prominent tourist spots. The rugged beauty of Dartmoor or Cairngorms, the supple charm of Cotswolds, the culture-rich medieval cities of York or Chester, will surely entrap you in history. Transportation services are adequately available and you can visit the places at your own pace.


When natural beauty and heritage unite, Thailand is formed. The lush islands, magnificent beaches not only give you a luxurious relaxation time but the ancient temple cities and street markets also provide you with entertainment if you are a culture-biased person. The warm climate will soothe your health condition in the ‘land of smiles’.

River Cruises

A European river cruise can be the best romantic second honeymoon for those married, happy senior couples which is catered by companies such as Viking river cruises and UniWorld cruises providing you with a trip up and downstream the beautiful river of Danube for a few days or a week.

The little town dotting the riverbanks such as Vienna, Bratislava, and Budapest are historical harbors you must see. This tour is most suitable for less mobile seniors who can enjoy the view from the deck as they drift with the flow of the river.

So, pack your luggage and set on a world tour if you vision some of the most cherished retirement years ahead!

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