In the corporate world, you must know the skill of packing your luggage efficiently when you are faced with a situation in which you are assigned with tours at short intervals of time.

An adept businessman knows this secret art of packing a luggage satisfying three qualities: packing moderation (avoiding the inclusion of too much stuff unnecessarily), weight reduction (being aware of the availability of travel-friendly versions of the things you must carry), bag optimization (understanding the placement of different items in your luggage).

A business traveler’s major challenge is keep himself presentable and impeccable while maintaining a light luggage. To overcome this seemingly unfeasible challenge, this article is at your service.

pack like a pro for business toursBusiness Travel Packing Tips

Following are some tips developed and used by the great business travelers around the world which can come in handy while you pack your luggage for an upcoming business trip:


Before you start packing, decide what you are going to wear when you are enroute. Prefer to wear suit over casuals as they are relatively bulky and require more space in your luggage bag. When you decide to put them on while you travel they save valuable space in your bag. Additionally, develop a business packing list before you pack.

Use Carry-on Luggage

Most business travelers prefer carry-on luggage whenever feasible. It is user-friendly because of its well designed space for every other item and there are less chances of losing things. Moreover, unless you want to be a messy traveler on the go, avoid carrying more than two bags, one larger bag, preferably carry-ons, and another being a smaller side-bags containing your laptop or other immediate items.

Create Space

Assign the larger sections of the luggage bag for clothes while keeping your shoes, belts and other accessories along the outer parts of the bag. Your shoes should be packed in resealable bags to prevent it from dirtying other items. Also, stuff your inner garments – underwear, ties, and scarves- in separate plastic bags to avoid trouble in finding them. Keep additional plastic bags for subsequent usage.


Jeans and softer garments, which do not crease easily, should occupy the bottom of your bag. Roll these items to minimize wrinkling. The other more delicate clothes should be on the top most layers of your suitcase, in dry-cleaner bags if required.

Grooming Kit

All the liquids and gels must be assigned smaller bottles (less than 100ml) and should be in separate clear plastic bag at the side of your suitcase. Always put your toiletries on the top of your luggage or in separate sections of your bag for easy access.

On must-do List

Lastly but most importantly, never forget to carry the given items while on the go: Travel tickets and booking confirmations, your Business Travel Itinerary, medical card, passport and visa (if applicable), your Business Travel Insurance policy, payment cards and some cash, emergency as well as regular medicines- including a copy of doctor’s prescriptions, a handy first-aid kit, charger of the electronic devices you are carrying and a torch.

So, travel light and tension-free by following the above guidelines to a professionally adept luggage.

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