The Prinsengracht Amsterdam concert is one of the most popular events of the summer in Holland as it is an outdoors classical music concert that comes with a long tradition. The event is staged on a series of pontoons that float in the water in a canal in front of the Hotel Pulitzer.

Many members of the audience arrive to the concert in boats, as thousands of others stand and sit on the banks of the canal and sit around the podium.

The music fills the air and the concert also becomes quite an amazing visual spectacle once the sun goes down. This is because the whole setting, including the stage, are illuminated and lit up by a series of strong reflectors.

The Prinsengracht Concert is just one show in the event known as the Grachtenfestival. This is a series of concerts that are held in a variety of locations in Amsterdam and can attract up to 80,000 fans.

The Prinsengracht concert is free of charge, however, if you want to enjoy it from a boat on the canal, you will need to obtain a special pass.

The concert takes place every year during the third weekend of August at Prinsengracht 315-331, Amsterdam, while the whole festival runs from Aug 14 to 22.

Photo Credit: PallasAthena1081


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