The small Caribbean island of Aruba has some exceptional parks and scenery and features some of the most unique and interesting vegetation in the region.

The island is home to some of the world’s clearest blue waters and whitest sand beaches. On the northeast coast of Aruba you’ll find desert-like terrains with fantastic rock structures and Caribbean cacti.

The landscapes are begging to be explored, but the number of campgrounds is limited. However, you can still enjoy them while visiting the country.

One of the best places to visit is Arikok National Park as it covers close to one-fifth of the island and is regarded as Aruba’s environmental sanctuary.

The park features some types of wildlife that are unique to Aruba as well as some amazing natural rock formations. You’ll also find several great examples of Native American art in the park.

The local government hires companies to maintain the beauty of the park so people can enjoy it.

The park is separated into four zones. The central area is the main zone for visitors as it features many natural, cultural, and historical landmarks along with education centres to educate people about the sites. The central zone also has excellent underwater caves and beach coves as well as a motorized-vehicle route.

The park’s south and north zones are quite sensitive and they have been designated as visitor education and research locations. Adventurists can explore the landscape on horseback and foot as well as there are numerous trails. Another fine site to view is the area around the Spanish Lagoon.

There are many activities to enjoy along with swimming and sunbathing on the spectacular beaches. You can explore the local network of caves where you’ll find bats and at the Guadiriki cave and Arawak drawings in the Fontein cave. There’s also an interesting tunnel of love to pass through.

One of the best ways to explore the islands is to go scuba diving as there are some fascinating ancient shipwrecks just off of the coast. If you’d rather stay on land, then an off-road safari is a great way to view the island. A great way to see as much as you can is to rent a four-wheel drive or go out on horseback.

There are many fine places to stay in Aruba, and some of the most popular these days are the hotels that are trying to conserve energy and water and bill themselves as “green” hotels. These establishments do a great job of preserving the natural beauty and eco systems the world has to offer.


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