With winter on its way, a lot of people will be looking out for some good indoor activities. Visiting museums is a great way to learn about various cultures and history. These are some of the best museums to visit in Canada:

1. Glenbow Museum, Calgary, Alberta

This is a combination museum, archives, library, and gallery all in one.

It featured permanent displays about Western Canadian culture and lifestyle, along with Canadian history. It has interactive displays, artefacts and art works.

2. The Art Gallery of Ontario, Toronto, Ont.

This is one of the biggest museums in North America in size and collections. It features paintings by famous Canadian artists such as Emily Carr and Tom Thomson as well as Europeans such as Vincent van Gogh and Edgar Degas. It also has many famous and interesting sculptures and photographs.

3. Canada Science and Technology Museum, Ottawa, Ont.

This museum is designed to educate people about the relationship between technology, science and the Canadian society. It features a wide variety of interesting artefacts and hands-on demonstrations that deal with topics ranging from computer technology to astronomy. Visitors are sure to get a better understanding how technology works.

4. The Royal Ontario Museum, Toronto, Ont.

The museum covers a wide array of interesting topics such as natural history and world cultures. It showcases world-class artefacts and art pieces as well as revolving exhibits.

5. Montreal Museum of Fine Arts, Montreal, Quebec

The museum’s exhibits feature international and Canadian artists and include sculptures, paintings, photographs, and drawings. Some of the permanent exhibits showcase African masks, Napoleon Bonaparte, and pre-Colombian sculptures.


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