virgin islandsThe Virgin Islands have a pleasant climate all year round, located in the Caribbean it is a perfect vacation destination.

Although, if traveling between the middle of August and the month of October, you must be wary of hurricanes.

During the period between September and November it is the wettest time with rainfall usually reaching six inches every month. This lessens to two inches of rain in early Spring and before that it is the dry season. All the different islands have very similar weather patterns.

East of Puerto Rico in the north of the Caribbean, the Virgin Islands are mainly made up of volcanic rock and can reach as high as fifteen hundred feet in places. There is a division between Britain and the United States, with the former owning eastern part and the latter the western set of islands.

Saint Thomas, Tortola, Saint John, Anegada and saint Croix are the biggest islands but there are also many tiny ones that make up the Virgin Islands.

All of them can be affected by hurricanes. There is usually plenty of warning of imminent bad weather so this should not greatly dampen your vacation.

With its clear blue water and beautiful sandy beaches the Virgin Islands are a real tropical paradise. The sun always shines and the pace of life is slow and relaxing. If you prefer a bit of adventure, then there are many diving facilities to avail of, and plenty of other activities to try.

The native population are very welcoming and want to help you get the very best out of your stay in the wonderful Virgin Islands.


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