Selecting the season and destinationSelecting the season and destination are the two key things for travel.

They also have a huge impact on the cost of your vacation. Don’t ignore the importance of considering these two factors.

Your budget level mainly depends on the season and the time of the year. Some vacation destinations will be very cheap at some times of the year.

If you want to travel to a popular destination in peak times, you never find it cheap. For instance, planning to stay at luxurious hotel in a party city on New Year’s Eve is not expected to exist as budget holiday, while travel to an established summer resort over New Year’s may be extremely a different story.

The most important thing that you need to realize is that low seasons cost low for a reason. A typical example of this is hurricane season in the Florida and Caribbean. Other low seasons that vary include – very hot regions such as Egypt in summer months as excess heat makes the holiday less enjoyable.

Summer resorts are usually very quiet in low season. This can be the best for recoil, but once it comes to a violent nightlife, you may be disappointed.

Travel destinations for the specific season at a low cost:


Winter is very interesting time of the year for travelling. Before Christmas, most of the people are trying to do final shopping trips. So, after the festival, most individuals are dealing with the bills of credit cards so that, holidays on far off beaches are often incredibly cheap during the winter period.

Asia is a great destination for winter months. Probably the flight costs will decrease and they offer various discounts. In Asia, weather varies greatly in winter season.

The climate in Asia is surrounded by snow in just one minute and then suddenly you will see glorious sunshine. These conditions make lot of visitors cancel their trips. Hence there are some exceptional bargains for those who want to take the risk.

Shoulder season:

This season is a perfect time to travel for those individuals who want to get a glad medium among low and peak seasons. Recognizing where is in shoulder season when you like travelling or when your preferred destination is in shoulder season can save you hundred of dollars.

Take a glance at guided books. Even they don’t tell you when the shoulder season is, just they inform you when low and peak seasons are. The time in between is referred to as shoulder season.

The best travel destinations in shoulder season are Caribbean in late spring and Europe in the fall.


Fall is the best season to travel to Europe. You will find flight tickets for many Europe popular destinations at a cheaper cost. From October onwards you will get tickets at low cost. Temperature is also perfectly pleasant until the mid of November. So, take a trip yourself for fall in Europe.


It is very hard to find discount in summer. Americans, Europeans, and Japanese are all on the move. This is a peak time for weddings, thus honeymoon destinations are also in great deal of demand.

In early summer days, i.e. in between June and July, you will get a good deal for Caribbean destinations. It is better to book before Europeans begin to flood during the school holidays at the end of July.

Also, the period between June and September is a good option. Safari holidays are good choice for this period.

During the summer months, you will get the flight deals at a reasonable cost in Southeast Asia. But, during this period the climate will be very hot. So, it is better to avoid this destination during summer season.

Finally, you knew which season is best for travelling to the specific destinations. You can choose the destination depending on the season and at a reasonable cost.


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