Hyams Beach-Australia (white sand beach)

Hyams Beach-Australia

This Hyams beach holds the Guinness record for having brilliantly white sand in its surrounding. This famous beach is located on the sea shore of Jervis Bay, New South Wales, Australia. The beach is bordered by two amazing national parks toward its north and south side. These national parks located near to the Hyams beach are home to native plants, different birds’ species and animals.

Crescent Beach-United States (white sand beach)

Crescent Beach-United States 

The Crescent beach is situated on the Siesta Key and lies on the edge of Sarasota coast, Florida. The beach stretches out from the Georges Island and connects Lahave Islands. The sand that you find in the proximity of beach is 99% quartz and it was fled down from the Florida’s river. The distinct rock formations at the southern side of the beach make it an ideal place for visitors looking out for some diving and snorkeling activities.

Lakka Beach-Africa (white sand beach)

Lakka Beach-Africa

Lakka is a popular beach situated on the Paxi, an island in the Greece. This dazzling and striking beach is ideal for travelers willing to take part in yachting, windsurfing and swimming. The two main beaches located on the Lakka bay include the white pebbled Kanoni beach and Sandy Harami beach that lie very closer to the sea. These beaches can be reached either by walk or through a boat from the Corfu.

Rockaway Beach-New York (white sand beach)

Rockaway Beach-New York

Rockaway beach is an urban beach located in the New York City, United States. The entire beach is managed by the New York City Department of Parks and Recreation. The small waves on the beach during the summers will ideally suit the novice swimmers and the Rockaway beach features different food vendors, seven playgrounds and good looking sand. For experienced swimmers and surfers, Autumn is the best season to explore.

Muriwai Beach-New zealand (Black sand beach)

Muriwai Beach-New zealand

The Muriwai black sand beach can be reached by a 40 minute walk from the down town of Auckland,New Zealand. The strong color of the beach is the result of a huge volcanic explosion.Surfing is themajor pastime activity of visitors as they can find numerous surf boards and sand yachts that are available for rent at the surf schools near to beach.

Punalu’u Beach-Hawaii (Black sand beach)

Punalu’u Beach-Hawaii

Have you ever visited a beach that comprises black sand? If not pack up your bags and have a trip to the beautiful Punalu’u beach located on the big island of beach Hawaii, United States. This largest blacksand beach will attract the visitors with its stunning and serene beauty. The black sand that you find at the beach is made up of basalt and lava that flows into the beach.

shelter cove-California (Gray sand beach)

shelter cove-California

Every year thousands of visitors flock from different parts of the World to Shelter cove beach to see itsgray colored sand. As a result of erosion of the gray-shale cliffs located along the beaches, the sand appears to be gray in color. The beach is widely known for its coastal drives and a National Conservation Area that serves as home to sea lions, bald eagles and different bird species.

santorini beach-Greece (Red sand beach)

santorini beach-Greece

From Akrotiri or Perissa, the travelers can reach this stunning red sand beach by hiring a boat. TheSantorini’s red sand beach is often referred as Kokkini beach. The red color of the beach is due to impressive volcano eruption that took place in Santorini during 1450 B.C. The beach is red in color due to left over of black and red lava rocks in the water.

Red sand beach-Greece (Red sand beach)

Red sand beach-Greece

The Red sand beach is a small pocket beach located on the Maui Island, Hawaii. It is one of the best red sand beaches on the globe and the cindercone present behind the beach erodes continuously and it forms the main reason behind sand being such deep red.

Kokkini amos Beach-Matala (Red sand beach)

Kokkini amos Beach-Matala

Kokkini Amos beach is widely recognized as Red beach across the world. And the name itself suggests that the beach features reddish colored sand. Located at 68 km away from the south west Heraklion city, the red beach can be accessed by a small boat from the Matala. To the northern part of the beach, the travelers can find carved sculptures portraying Minoan and Egyptian sea figures.

Pink Sand Beach-Bahamas (pink sand beach)

Pink Sand Beach-Bahamas

The Bahama’s Harbour Island is popularly known for its pale pink sand beaches. This beach stretches up to 3 miles along the east coast of the Harbour Island. The beach appears to be in pink color due to the presence of tiny microscopic single celled marine animals named Foraminifera.Visitors who have arrived at the North Eleuthera airport can reach the Harbour Island by having a 10- minute taxi ride.

Kailua Beach-Oahu Island (Pink sand beach)

Kailua Beach-Oahu Island

This beach is often referred as one of the finest beaches on the Hawaii Island, United States. The beach appears to be in crescent shape and it is about 2.5 miles long, 50 – 150 feet wide. The relentless trade winds will make Kailua beach a best destination for performing windsurfing and kitesurfing activities. The beach’s soft white sand, turquoise water and gentle cool breezes will definitely grab the visitor’s attraction.

Papakolea Beach-Hawaii (Green sand beach)

Papakolea Beach-Hawaii

This striking beach is situated on the southern tip of the Hawaii’s Big Island. Due to the color of sand,this beach is generally refereed as Green sand beach. The sand that you find at this beach is made up o fsmall olivine crystals. The beach is good for swimming but waves at the southern coast are quite strong,so visitors are restricted from swimming at this beach whenever the waves are high.

Waikiki Beach-United States (Yellow sand beach)

Waikiki Beach-United States

Waikiki beach is located on the southern side of Honolulu and the calm water waves of the Waikiki beach are perfect for various water sports such as snorkeling and surfing. Several nearest attractions such as Honolulu Zoo, Waikiki Aquarium, Duke Kahanamoku Statue have become iconic sightseeing attractions for the visitors planning to explore Waikiki beach.

Ramla Beach-Maltese (Golden reddish sand beach)

Ramla Beach-Maltese

Ramla beach is the largest beach located on the island of Gozo and it is widely known for featuring sand in reddish color. The soft red sand beach and shallow water will draw the attention of local families and even the holiday makers.

Porto Ferro-Italy (Orange sand beach)

Porto Ferro-Italy

Porto Ferro beach is located to the northern side of the Italy’s Island, Sardinia. It stretches around 2 km and dominated by three striking look-out towers that date back to XVII century. The orange color of the beach is formed due to the mixture of orange limestones, crushed shells and deposits ofvolcanic eruptions. The beach can be explored by boats in a better way and it is even ideal for diving, surfing and windsurfing.

Pfeiffer Beach-California (Purple sand beach)

Pfeiffer Beach-California

Have you come across purple sand? Not yet, then visit the Pfeiffer beach situated in California. This beautiful beach boasts some amazing scenic destinations that include dramatic cliffs, grassy meadows and thick forests. It is believed that the color of beach is due to the manganese garnet fragments of rocks present near to the ocean. Travelers can reach the Pfeiffer beach by driving towards the south of San Francisco for 2 hours and 45 minutes.

Rainbow Beach-Australia (Rainbow colored beach)

Rainbow Beach-Australia

The beach is named after its different colored sands and it is located to the south-eastern side of Queensland, Australia. Mostly the sand is colorful due to presence of rich minerals like rutile, ilmenite and zircon in the sand. Though its overall population is 900, every year nearly 70,000 travelers explore this colorful sandy beach and they even visit the Great Sandy National Park that lies to south side of the town.


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