california disneylandDisney is not just about children, in fact its Pleasure Island was designed to entertain the older generation with an array of night clubs, most with a very particular theme and entertainment to cater for every possible taste.

Keeping people amused is tougher than you might imagine and making them laugh is even harder still but at the Comedy Warehouse laughter is the main event. Anything is possible here with comedians from all over the country embracing this venue and trying to get laughs.

More comedy is on offer at the Adventurers Club which is all about getting involved so be prepared to be a part of the show. Not for the shy retiring type creating a sense of adventure and living it too, Kungaloosh is the motto; or rather call to order so make sure you practice it before you go.

If music and more importantly dancing is your thing then it is the Mannequins Dance Palace that should be your destination. With its massive dance floor and many different types of music, people will quite literally spin around you due to the lower level being able to actually move to the groove.

This is for over twenty ones and more importantly those with plenty of energy as it provides three whole floors for plenty of partying. Not for the faint hearted but perfect for those that like to get down and boogey.

If you are stuck in the seventies or even the eighties then 8 Trax is your kind of club. Relive your youth and embrace those fashions all over again listening to all the hits and dance numbers that disco was all about.


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