Barbados is a fun and dynamic island where you can find many activities to keep you busy. You can start with relaxing on the beautiful beaches drinking a tropical cocktail having an Elegant Resorts Barbados Holidays, and you can continue with many adventurous activities.


Dip in to the crystal clear waters of the Atlantic Ocean, which is known to create the most awesome surfing waves. It is believed that an Atlantic Ocean’s wave can travel 3000 miles in the undisturbed open waters. The Soup Bowl phenomenon in Barbados’ east coast is one of the best waves in the world, luring surfers from all around the world. If you are not a proficient swimmer or surfer it is better to witness the Soup Bowl as an observer. You can also surf or just relax on the beautiful Bathsheba Beach.

Horse Racing

Spend a day at the races while relaxing and drinking coconut water and eating the amazing Bajan cuisine, while tanning at the Caribbean sun. Garrison Savannah is a popular track in the Barbados Turf Club of Christ Church, Barbados. Even if you are not into horse racing, you will be captivated from the atmosphere that is generated there.

Barbados-crop-over-festivalThe Crop Over Festival

Do you want to spend a lot of days and nights partying? Then the Crop Over Festival is just for you. In the 1600s, slaves who worked on Barbados’ sugar plantations were always celebrating the end of the harvest by singing and dancing. Today Bajans still commemorate this period with summer parties, a two month event! It starts in July on the Bridgetown streets with all day and night parties with calypso band competitions and fairs. The festival ends with the Grand Kandooment, which is a street parade with colorful costumes and a lot of dancing.

A visit to the Animal Flower Caves

It is a must to get out from your hotel room and spend hours exploring the wonderful caves and swim around its rock pools. Animal Flower Cave is named for its sea anemones. The island’s only accessible sea cave is located under the North Point cliffs in St. Lucy. There is spectacular scenery around the Animal Flower Caves. It is an amazing creation of nature with caves rising from the water surrounded by rocks. It is also a wonderful picnic place. Make sure to bring your camera and wear comfortable shoes to navigate the rocks. You’ll get the best of this place when the sun is shining through the rocks. Just avoid climbing and swimming at night because it can get dangerous.

Barbados Wildlife Reserve

If you pay a visit to the Barbados Wildlife Reserve in Speightstown, you will get a chance to interact with animals up close and personal. In the park you will find various tropical birds, deer and iguanas, a lot of red-footed tortoises freely wandering the reserve, and green monkeys. The monkeys are cute, but you should be aware of their sticky fingers; they tend to grab everything they get their hands to and make a run for it.


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