We are so used to see Florida as the home of Miami and Disney World that when planning a trip there we lose track of some spectacular places one should consider while going sightseeing.

Hillsborough River State Park invite you to row a boat admiring the wild side of a blessed land where man had not yet laid the axe on.

The amazing ecosystem of the park can surely fascinate any nature lover and here you would have the privilege to witness the life in the mangroves forests at first hand.

Skywat Bridge in Sarasota will sure leave you breathless for where the nature did not thought to link civilizations, the man did his best to overcome this issue.

The mighty Everglades are the absolute must see. The power of untamed nature after centuries considered a monument is there to make you see how can nature transform a piece of wild water land into a complex living universe that fascinate all the bird watching passionate of the world.

Here in the kingdom of the alligator, the wild life and vegetation thrives creating the habitat for hundreds of endangered species, some of them unique in the world.


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