The kids may be back in school in September, but it doesn’t mean the summer fun’s over , not by a long shot. Take the weekend of Sept. 26th 2010 for instance, when the 37th running of the Berlin Marathon will take place in Germany.

The race, which started in 1974, attracts participants from all over the world.

The event also features attractions for inline skaters, power walkers, hand cyclists and wheelchair competitors.

The marathon is open for anybody born in 1992 and earlier and there are 500 and 1,000-metre Bambini runs for those born in 2000 and later.

The event also features a sports medicine exhibition, a breakfast run to Berlin’s Olympic Stadium, a mini-marathon for schools, as well as an award ceremony and marathon party.

The initial marathon attracted 284 runners from four nations, but the race has become so popular it now features about 60,000 runners that represent more than 100 different countries.

The marathon starts at Strasse de 17 Juni and finishes at Kurfurstendamn. The event takes runners throughout 10 districts of Berlin and passes some famous landmarks such as the cathedral, the Victory Column, Brandenburg Gate, and the State Opera.

The Berlin Marathon’s one giant party as about a million spectators and competitors also enjoy live music and food and drinks.

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