There are many great districts in London, England, and one of the most fascinating and historic is Soho. This area in the west end of London used to be notorious years ago for its nightlife and red-light district.

However, it’s now a more family-friendly area with a hip, upscale feel to it that’s filled with a wide variety of restaurants, pubs, and shops. There is still a small red-light area left to remind people of its history.

When walking the famous busy streets you’d never have known the area used to be farmland and used as a park by Henry VIII a few hundred years ago.

But by the mid 19th century, it was beginning to fill with prostitutes, theatres, and an assortment of music halls, theatres, restaurants, and pubs. They were filled night and day with aspiring writers and artists.

In the 1950s, jazz clubs and coffee bars became popular and the music scene really took off in the area over the next few decades.

Although the Soho area is quite small at about one square mile, you can feel the history ooze out of its streets and colorful buildings as you stroll around. It’s still as vibrant as ever and has a thriving independent film industry.

It’s easy to get there as there are several underground stations nearby. A trip to London without exploring the exciting and historic streets of Soho would leave a huge void in it.

Photo Credit: artcphoto


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