The Maldives are home to 200 inhabited islands. Each island has its own character and flavor. What is the best way to see all of these unique islands? While it is impossible to get an in depth view of what they all have to offer, read on to learn about the many options there are for exploration.

Of the 200 inhabited islands, more than half are considered resort islands. For the traveler visiting one of the many all inclusive in Maldives resorts, the suggested observation methods may be booked on site, or perhaps already included in the package. One should not skip this opportunity in favor of lounging on the beach. These are once in a lifetime opportunities.


Sunset boat cruises are a popular way to get a glimpse of the Maldives islands. Some are dinner cruises, some offer drinks and refreshments. All will host local musicians. Morning people or sun worshipers can look into day cruises. Many of these cruises will include several stops along the way.

Dolphin Tours

These cruises take trips around the islands with the goal of finding the dolphins. Passengers can get a good idea of the layout of the islands as well as catching a glimpse of the gentle dolphin.

Fishing Trips

It is possible to contract with a local fisherman to take a fishing tour. They will show you some great spots for fishing, and take you around the islands. Night fishing trips will offer different and spectacular views, as well as offering different types of fish to catch, including grouper.

Helicopter Flights

Photo flights have also become quite popular. Aerial sightseeing offers a unique perspective of these incredible islands. From high up in the air, the islands come into view with an astonishing clarity.

Island Hopping Tours

Instead of staying in one resort, travelers may opt to visit a few islands on one trip. For an experience like none other, some of these tours even offer an overnight stay on one of the Maldives uninhabited islands.

Submarine Tour

For another unique view of the Maldives, submarine tours offer an opportunity for whale watching as well as island hopping. While the submarine will not stop at different islands, passengers will have the opportunity to view the underwater life around all of the different islands. Each area hosts its own unique underwater ecosystem and habitat, so the diverse views offered from the submarine can not be beat.

Diving Tours

Ok, the submarine tours may be beat by dive tours, depending on your viewpoint. The Maldives offer spectacular dive sites. A diver can visit a few different islands in one trip, and see the underwater world up close and personally. It is not possible to see all of the habitats, as the submarine tour offers, but the dive tours offer a more personal experience. Divers might want to consider including both in their trip itinerary.

With so many options for seeing the Maldives, it is wise to spend some of your relaxing beach vacation taking advantage of all that the Maldives have to offer.


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