When it comes to Bangkok, Thailand, there are dozens of interesting streets and alleyways to visit and explore. But the most happening place in the city is the Khaosan Road, hands down. Everything takes place here and you can be assured you can always find what you’re looking for, even though it’s not a very long street.

The road is situated in the centre of the city inside the Rattanakosin district. It’s quite close to some of the major attractions, such as the Grand Palace and Chao Phraya River. This means you can get there by road and water.

The name of the road basically means ‘milled rice.’ This is because it used to be the home to one of the city’s largest rice markets.

But now it’s overflowing with an assortment of restaurants, hotels, shops, money exchanges, internet cafes, tattoo parlours, massage parlours, travel agents, cafes, bars, nightclubs, food stalls, as well as Muay Thai and boxing gyms. The street is also home to a synagogue and Bangkok’s small Jewish community.

The road is full of locals and visitors every day and night because of the variety and excellent prices it offers on just about everything. You can purchase almost anything imaginable there.

Locals love it as a popular meeting place for artists and students, while backpackers converge there to share stories of their adventures.

Khaosan Road is an ideal place to mix in with the local way of life free of charge.

Photo Credit: Kevinpoh


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