Each nation on earth has its own traditions, habits, and etiquette. Here are some helpful etiquette tips for a few countries.


If you’d like to present your hostess with a gift, flowers are greatly appreciated. However, pick the colours carefully. Yellow roses aren’t a good choice as they are generally regarded as a sign of disdain. In addition, purple and black flowers symbolize death.


If you want to tip somebody, do it discreetly as tipping is actually officially outlawed in China. However, many people will accept them inconspicuously.


In Germany, as well as neighbouring nations such as Switzerland and Austria, it’s considered bad etiquette to be late for any type of appointment, meeting, and get-together. It’s a good idea to arrive early and be ready to go. This is especially true if it’s a dinner engagement as 6pm, means 6pm and the dinner will be ready to serve at that time.


Some people consider the left hand to be unclean, so it’s a good idea to eat with just your right hand. Make sure you wash your hands before meals so your fellow diners will know that you’re prepared to eat.


The head is regarded as the most important part of somebody’s body. If you accidentally touch somebody’s head, it’s a nice gesture to apologize to them.


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