The 12th annual Bangkok International Festival of Dance and Music will be entertaining thousands of people in Thailand’s capital city again this year from September 11th to October 24th 2010.

The international cultural festival is one of the best anywhere in the world as it featured the depth and breadth of music and dance in the country.

Over the last dozen years the event has grown in reputation and size and each festival showcases about a thousand performing artists from all over the world. It becomes a cultural extravaganza featuring classical concerts, classical and contemporary ballets, operas, and modern and ethnic dances.

The festival is a huge hit with citizens of Thailand and has also garnered an excellent reputation with theatre-goers across the rest of Asia and Europe. It’s estimated that over 3,000 overseas travellers fly to Bangkok each year to take in the festival.

Festival organizers believe that arts and culture both serve a unique and vital purpose throughout the world as they are creative and unify people of all races and political beliefs.

The 2010 event will offer 17 different productions by theatres and artists from a variety of countries, including Switzerland, Argentina, Cuba, Israel, Brazil, Russia, and the Great Britain. Visitors will be able to witness exquisite contemporary dances, powerful operas, stimulating ballet classics, thrilling ethnic dances, and invigorating classical concerts.

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