The oft-forgotten country of Panama, which links Central and South America, offers a wide array of activities and sites for visitors to enjoy. There are local festivals that allow you to take in the traditional culture food, dance, and song, as well as jungle treks, and some fantastic sandy beaches on the Caribbean Sea and the Pacific Ocean.

The landscape is marvellous and there will be some exciting eco-friendly ideas launched in the capital of Panama City in 2011. One of these is the new BíoMuseo, which will celebrate ecological diversity. Also, the capital’s new coastal belt, which is called the Cinta Costeral, will accentuate the historic Casco Viejo neighbourhood.

While Panama City offers some excellent modern facilities, you can also escape into the scenic countryside and local islands. With a population of about three million people there’s a lot of room to explore and the tropical weather is very cooperative as the average temperature all year round is just over 80 degrees F.

The country has a rich history and is a melting pot of interesting cultures. Finding something interesting to see and do is a piece of cake as Panama has so much to offer visitors of all interests.

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