Spain is one of those countries you don’t need a reason to visit, but yet here are some things you might want to try, when in Spain.

In case you are already there, don’t miss out to see the iconic architecture of some world famous cities such as Granada, San Sebastian and of course Barcelona. Make sure you are seeing them by sunset, for that’s the time to see this amazing beauty in all its glory.

As you know well, Spain is the country of flamenco, so make sure you are observing the local contests of flamenco dancing.

Sevillano dances, as well as Asturias bagpipe music are also the things without you cannot experience the magic of the Spanish traditions.

Beaches are also part of the reasons why to visit Spain. Locations like Ibiza and Costa del Sol are already popular as a playground of the richest people on earth.

In case this is not enough for you, then simply find out more about the festivals of Spain. This country surely has the most unusual festivals ever, including the famous La Tomatina – a festival, in which the participants are fighting with tomatoes. The famous bull runs are also part of these magical events, especially in the summer.


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