Tobago is the lesser known section of Trinidad and Tobago, and is often overlooked by visitors who are looking for a perfect island escape.

Tobago sits just a short 20 miles from the coast of Venezuela, and you can reach it by small airplane and ferry. It’s quite easy to get to from Trinidad and the Barbados, which is located about 150 miles to the north of Tobago.

Tobago still gets its fair share of tourists, but not as many as the other islands in the area receive. This makes it an attractive place to spend a relaxing holiday without having to fight the crowds at the beaches, resorts, and restaurants.

Many visitors stay for extended periods of time because the real estate and rental prices are relatively low in Tobago.

The island is about 26 miles long and six miles wide and has a population of about 17,000. The country is separated into seven parishes and offers a tropical climate.

The capital city is Scarborough, but many visitors head to Tobago for the beaches and scuba diving. The Tobago Forest Reserve is also a popular spot as it features a wide assortment of wildlife. There’s plenty of fresh seafood as well as other culinary delights.

Tobago may not be as well known as its close neighbour Trinidad, but it has just as much to offer visitors.

Photo Credit: brain_s_huff


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