As history shows, one thing will eventually replace another sooner or later; it is just a matter of people becoming fond of something in order to keep it around for a little longer.

It is the case of bikes, books and… who knows, even maps. But, until they become extinct, National Geographic hits the market with a stunning collection that might as well make you leave your GPS at home, (or at least inside the car) when you are heading towards an adventurous trip.

Because the Adventure Travel Map is incredibly well detailed (many of the routes are still unidentifiable by geo-locators such as GPS or Google Earth), includes icons that mark everything you might be looking for from beaches to windsurfing spots, fishing areas and lighthouses, not to mention airports and gas stations. On the back side of the map you will also find the most significant archeological sites.

Another brilliant idea the crew at National Geographic came up with was to make the map waterproof and resistant to tearing, also compatible with GPS thanks to the complete UTM network. The price of only 12 dollars makes it very hard to compete with, especially when it proves itself to be a precious travel companion which knows and shows every corner of your escape destination, no matter how remote it is.


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