Roatan is a picturesque Caribbean island. It is one among the bay islands in Honduras. It is a popular vacation spot equally accessible to the budget traveler and the luxury traveler. One can plan a vacation on this island irrespective of the budget. The coral reef surrounding the island is the second largest in the world, providing great opportunity for snorkeling and swimming.

By default most places to stay in this beautiful island are within walking distance of the beach. The many dive operators ensure that one may enjoy plenty of snorkeling and see a variety of sea life too. It is not too crowded and yet offers all that a tourist would want to do on a Caribbean island.

A visitor to the island can choose from budget accommodations like hostels or find the best that money can buy. The island boasts of resorts, private villas, apartments and even first rate fly fishing lodges. This exquisite island is also a popular wedding destination.

The island has many fine dining destinations, bars and other attractions on offer. Some of the must see places are Tropical Butterfly Park, Iguana Farms, Carambola Gardens and Mangrove Tunnels. Those who fall in love with the place can also look for retirement and vacation homes here.


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