jet lagIt may seem like a condition that most people would like to have but jet lag can be a real problem for those that travel across the world’s various time zones.

For those who have to fly extensively for their job it can be hard to know how to redress the problem.

The human body needs time to adjust to changes and the speed of modern air traffic means that arriving at a new destination can cause disorientation and sleep patterns will be completely out of synch with the different surroundings.

Something as simple as comfort can be a big help and often putting a certain routine into practice, will make all the difference.

Of course, a healthy body will be more able to adjust to climate changes and the continuous daylight that some travelers can be affected by.

Gentle exercise is also recommended, walking around the airport while waiting for the flight to take off or a simple stretching routine as you remain in your set for take off.

Another factor is utilizing your circadian rhythms, which are set off by sunshine and light. In other words, the body’s clock will need resetting and spending time outdoors will be very beneficial in the regard.

Ideally, all travel plans should fit in with your existing daily routine. For example, if you arrive in a new country during the morning then although tired it will be quicker to get into a new pattern. Night flights are not always possible though so it is not a method that can be relied on.


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