There are thousands of festivals, carnivals and events held around the world each year.

songkran festival

While some of them celebrate historic events and cultures others are just downright strange. Here are some of the oddest festivals on the planet.

1. March: Golden Shears Sheep Shearing, Masteron, New Zealand

Sheep shearing has been popular since this contest was launched back in 1961. Sometimes the crowds are so huge the army needs to keep them under control.

2. April: Songkran Festival, Chiang Mai, Thailand

Approximately 100,000 participants gather at this festival to take part in the world’s biggest water fight. Contestants use water balloons along with huge water pistols to soak each other. It’s a serious festival though because the water represents a person’s inner cleansing.

3. May: Cooper’s Hill Cheese Rolling, Gloucester, England

This crazy event involves people who chase a giant ball of cheese down a hillside. Groups of 20 people attempt to beat the rolling ball of cheese as it makes its way downhill.

4. August: La Tomatina, Buol, Spain

This is basically the biggest food fight in the world as it involves people throwing tomatoes at each other. It attracts thousands of participants and spectators each year as 90,000 pounds of ripe tomatoes are dropped off in the town center for people to throw at each other.

5. September: Frog Festival, Rayne, Louisiana, USA

This event takes place on Labor Day in the town of Rayne. It attracts about 50,000 visitors every year as they come to hold frog races, and then enjoy festival rides and concerts. Of course, some of the frogs are then eaten.


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