flashpackerGranted we only have a handful of months left in 2009 however there are some pretty interesting travel trends that will carry over into the New Year that you may want to take part in.

The state of the economy undoubtedly has everything to do with travel trends that have surfaced over the past year and for this year.

During tumultuous times like the present we are prone to returning to classic destinations that made us feel good and took our minds off the current situation. We are more apt to seek out serenity and comfort.

According to travel sources a new breed of traveler has evolved in light of the economy and travel trends. This newly developed traveler has been defined as a flashpacker. The flashpacker is a more sophisticated backpacker, preferring private accommodations to public and group accommodations.

A few interesting changes of events that have taken place with travel companies were sprung from a need to be more empathetic to today’s traveler. In fact, Virgin American Airways are now requiring employees to go to ‘empathy training’ to help deal with stressed out and disgruntled passengers.

Several different cruise lines are even reinventing themselves by offering a more comfortable and less flashy feel to their passengers.

Destinations that have become more alluring and more popular to travelers in the past few months and experts think will continue to be alluring and popular destinations are:

  • Prague which used to be known as slacker cool now has a spruced up image and is attracting travelers of all ages.
  • Marrakesh Africa offers many luxury hotels that are set in palm groves and shadows of the Atlas Mountain range.

And a few travel trend destinations that are a bit more accessible to people living in the states:

  • Miami Beach. If you visit Miami Beach there is a restaurant called Table 8 which comes highly recommended by past and present customers. The chef at Table 8 named Chef Govind Armstrong has concocted a meal he calls the ‘recession confession.’
  • St. Helena California. If you decide to relax in St. Helena California make sure to eat at the Martini House which is known both for the ambience and the food.
  • New York City has become an extremely popular destination as of late. Regardless of where you go in this majestic city you are sure to find a plethora of wonderful eateries however our sources tell us to try Convivio.


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