If you’d really like to soak in the atmosphere of a city some of the best spots to visit are street markets. These are where you’ll be able to get a good taste of the local sounds, flavors, and sights. Many of these bustling markets are extremely exciting and chaotic and offer some of the best bargains in town. These are some of the most adventurous street markets in the world.


1. Istanbul, Turkey – The Spice Bazaar

Istanbul’s Spice Bazaar is one of the oldest markets on the globe as it’s been in existence since was back in 1664. It’s one of the biggest and busiest markets in the wonderful city and is also the second-biggest covered shopping area in Istanbul next to the Grand Bazaar. As you may be able to tell due to its name, this is an ideal place to try out spices. You’ll find some fantastic spicy cuisine here. If you’re not a spice lover that’s not a problem since you’ll also find a wide range of tasty coffees, nuts, dried fruits, oils, essences, and olives etc.

2. Hong Kong, China – Stanley Market

Hong Kong’s Stanley Market is held in the open air and attracts many residents and tourists alike. You’ll find toys, souvenirs, and traditional clothing and arts and crafts. You’ll find a Dai pai dong restaurant here, which features excellent wok hei dishes. This market is a must see if you’re ever in Hong Kong.

3. Bangkok, Thailand – The Chatuchak Weekend Market

Bangkok’s Chatuchak Weekend Market is considered to be the world’s biggest market. You’ll be able to find a wide variety of products here such as clothing, household items, local arts and crafts, collectibles, religious artifacts, live animals, food and much more. It’s definitely an unforgettable experience.

4. Toronto, Ontario, Canada – The St. Lawrence Market

The St. Lawrence Market in Toronto is considered by many to be the top food market on the globe. It’s been in business since back in 1803 when it started out as a small farmers’ market that served the local residents. It has expanded over the years and is an ideal place to find gourmet cheeses as well as game meat such as camel, buffalo, wild boar, musk ox, and kangaroo. If you visit on a Sunday you’ll find antique dealers selling their goods.

5. London, England – Portobello Road Market

This market is the place to be if you’re looking for antiques. The street is narrow and curvy and filled with some lovely Victorian homes which have been converted into beautiful small shops. Many of them are operated by artisans. The market is definitely quite trendy and one of the most famous around.

6. New York City, New York, USA – Union Square Greenmarket

This busy street market is open each week on Monday and Wednesday as well as Friday and Saturday It originated in the 1970s and is one of the best locations in the famous city is to buy vegetable and fruits that are grown by local farmers.

7. Nice, France – Cours Saleya

This is one of the most colorful flower markets on the globe. Cours Saleya is open every day and it attracts hundreds of people to the traditional square that it’s located in. The local restaurants are well known for tasty local cuisine and there are plenty of pubs to enjoy the local wines.

8. London, England – Brick Lane Market

The Brick Lane Market is well known in London as an excellent location for Anglo-Indian food. You’ll find numerous Indian restaurants and curry houses where you can try some of the best and most colorful dishes from England and India.

9. London, England – Camden Market

London’s Camden Market consists of both outdoor and indoor stalls and is located in old Camden Town. There are several different sections where you’ll be able to find an assortment of items such as jewelry, clothes, and vintage movies. It attracts close to 100,000 people every weekend.


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