When you read travel blogs, you’re often left imagining international travel to be this glamorous, romantic adventure, and you wouldn’t be wrong. That is what international travel is… for the most part, at least. The truth is that there are hundreds of less pleasant things going on in the background of every travel blog, and some we rarely give these bad travel experiences any thought.

stay safe with geosureBut there are just some things that are out of our hands. Political rallies, horrible weather, traffic jams… they can catch us off guard and severely affect our dream vacations if we’re not prepared for them. Luckily, we can avoid all these with the help of a mobile app called

Today’s travelers are constantly on their phone, whether they’re taking photos or researching destinations. Gaming Realms, owners of mobile gaming website Spin Genie, have said that growth in mobile internet continues to be one of the strongest trends witnessed on the internet landscape, and some estimates say that over 80% of all our internet usage may come from mobile phones by 2017. Many of us use our phones to search for information on our destinations, but GeoSure gives travelers an easy way to stay safe by creating a hub for information from travelers worldwide. Information collected from users is then used to generate a “Threat Temperature” – a score that tells you how safe you are in your current location, or how safe you will be in your intended destination.

The app also takes into consideration various reports from government agencies like the CDC and State Department, as well as global organizations such as the WHO and United Nations. “GeoSure’s about safety in numbers,” says CEO Michael Becker. “We bring a personal and effective approach to this data, which is why GeoSure is a useful tool for traveling professionals, holiday travelers and adventurers.”

As of the moment, GeoSure is only available on the iTunes App Store, but development is currently ongoing for an Android version of the app. The service is completely free, and all the makers ask is that you support the app by contributing information about your location whenever possible as well.


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