Planning a trip to Bangkok? Well the capital of Thailand has lots in store for you if you are a beach lover, a summer lover, a shopping lover and a lover of pure relaxation. Bangkok is a paradise of cheap shopping, local sea food and ofcourse the wonderful temple visits.

But it is important to know a place before visiting it so that you can be prepared for the unexpected. In order to make your trip totally amazing, it is important to follow certain travel tips. The following are the top travel tips for planning your trip to Bangkok:

tips for planning your trip to BangkokPack Light!

One of the first and most important tips to follow before heading to Bangkok is to pack light. Thailand is a tropical country and you won’t need to pack jackets or anything heavy, so keep it as light as possible because you won’tneed too much. Everyone is dressed casually and dressing up isn’t something many people do, even for parties. Bring light long pants for your visits to the temple and for footwear, flip flops and light beach footwear would be great.

Thai Food

Going to Bangkok and not enjoying the special Thai cuisine would be a big mistake. So make sure that you enjoy meals on the streets from stalls because it is not just delicious but also easy on the pocket. Make sure you try a variety of items and not just Pad Thai Noodles.

Try Water Sports

Make sure you don’t just sit on the beach and get tanned but also try out all possible water sports. Bangkok offers some superb adventure water sports and all of these are not worth missing out on. The banana boat, the water skiing as well as the water bike are all too cool to ignore.

The Local Language

Before heading out to Bangkok, make sure you equip yourself with a few commonly used Thai words for easy communication with the local taxi drivers, street stall owners and others. Even though Bangkok has a huge English speaking population, knowing a few Thai language words won’t harm anyone. Some words that you might need to know are Hello, How are you, Thank you, No worries and how much is it.

Be Ready for the Challenges

If you belong to a western nation, then visiting Bangkok will be a very new and unique experience for you, especially if you haven’t been to Asia before. As soon as you land on the airport of Bangkok, you will be greeted with huge levels of noise pollution, a lot of traffic on the road, lots of smog, and too many people (mostly tourists). Well, don’t be overwhelmed because you are witnessing just another regular day in this country. You might face many challenges or differences from your home country but you will soon get used to all the chaos.

Carry Enough Thai Currency

It is a good idea to carry Thai currency from back home rather than trying to get your money changed after reaching.


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