Worried about how to pack all your luggage for a long trip? Here are a few packing tips to pack your luggage comfortable way and ensure that you don’t carry too much weight.

1. Don’t pack more than you can carry by yourself!

Porters and trolleys may not be available during your trip, so try to fit all your luggage in a baggage that you can carry. Pack the total luggage in one or two bags only.

2. Choose the right suitcase or bag

Make sure your bags are firm enough to protect your clothes. It may tear while you are carrying it. Choose a good quality bag with strong and long straps, which is not likely to tear.

To avoid shoulder and back pain, pack your bag in a rectangular shape instead of pear shape.

3. Packing clothes and other essentials

Pack clothes, shoes, underwear, hairdryers, and other essentials in one bag.  During winter, carry sweaters and woolen clothes.

In your shoulder bag, pack your cosmetic bag, camera, jewelry and a book to read while traveling. Place delicate items in the middle of the suitcase. If you want to pack a belt, place it around the edge of the bag without folding it.

If you are carrying infants and toddlers, pack a separate bag for them. Pack diapers, baby bathing material, first aid box, extra bottles and nipples. Carry story books, soft toys and other games to entertain kids.

4. Avoid wrinkled clothes

Choose wrinkle-free clothes. Don’t pack the bag too tightly. Pack the individual items in covers. Carry a travel iron box. Pack the clothes one after the other carefully.

5. Choosing a handbag

Choose a spacious, dark-colored handbag which complements your outfit and luggage.

6. Handy Items

Carry all bathing items such as soap, shampoo and other toiletries. Carry plastic covers to pack raincoats and wet swimsuits. Carry scissors, shower cap, umbrella, alarm clock and coat hangers. Pack the scissors in your shoulder bag to avoid security checking at airport.

7. Packing food

If you suffer from food allergies, pack food items and snacks which agree with you in a separate bag. Choose food which will not get spoiled and is easily digestible while traveling. Carry baby food and milk, if you have a baby.

8. Attach labels

Attach labels to all your luggage, with your name, address and phone numbers. Stick the labels inside your luggage. If you lose your bag, it is easy to give your address to the airline or travel agency.


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