In case you are a traveler with walking difficulties, here are a few tips for a safe and pleasant trip. Nowadays every travel company is offering special packages forpeople in need, so mobility shouldn’t be an issue.

There are things you need to consider before taking any trip. The flight company should be chosen very carefully. There are companies, which offer the very best for people that are mobility

For instance, before making any reservation, just call the airline and inform yourself about the offers. You also need to tell them that you will need a wheelchair, so they will have to meet you at the drop-off point outside.

Certain flying companies are allowing the so called escort passes for family members, who can accompany and help you. Don’t forget to request a manual security check from the company, in case your travel companion can’t walk through the security.

The modern companies are paying a lot of attention to people that are mobility challenged and you will probably be escorted by an airline employee, who will help you on your way to the plane. Usuallypeople with disabilities are allowed to board first.

The experts recommend avoiding connecting flights, for they are usually a physical challenge. This is a good way to minimize the cancellations and the lost baggage.

The choice of the airline is one of the most important choices during your trip, so think well and find the most adequate flying company.

The hotels should be booked very carefully. Many hotels provide special care for the disabled people, but research online before making any reservation.

Going into another country is filled with challenges, so try to find the right hotel that can send an employee to pick you up from the airport and bring you to your hotel. Book a special disability room, for it will guarantee no stair climbing.wheelchair-travel

The elevator access is also important, so ask before booking the hotel. The room should be equipped with a bathroom with low sill. This way you don’t have to climb over a high bathtub rim.

The special assistance should be provided from the hotels and it should include a guide, an assistant or a special escort for your walks in the city.

Don’t turn your back on the U.S. Government program, which provides a special assistant for people with disabilities; so you can travel with your personal assistant. This will surely make your vacation better and easier.


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