Anguish levels go up unnecessarily when you lose or misplace an important document like the passport. Passport is one such essential document that should be kept under immense care and safety; losing it can also imply that someone is misusing it, which shall call for legal implications on you as well.

It is hence highly recommended to keep your passport in a safe place because once lost or stolen it also loses its validity for travel purpose. This stressful situation can be avoided with little care and precaution. Keep your cool and follow the suggestions if you fall prey to such a situation.

tips to follow if you lose your passport

Make Multiple Copies Before the Travel

Hope for the best always but be mentally prepared for any untowardly incident. If it has never happened to you doesn’t necessarily mean that it will never. So no matter how careful you are, prepare yourself in case you happen to lose this all important travel document. Make many photocopies not only of the passport but also of other pieces of identification like the credit card etc. This is because losing this entire case containing all of it is also not impossible and all your vital importation will then go missing at the same time.

One set of copies should always be kept away from you, may be with a friend or in a suitcase that is not used every day. Also keep one with a family member at home, and an email with a digital copy of the same can be sent to your mailbox for you to take a copy wherever and whenever you are in such a dilemma.

Keep Details Handy for a Replacement Passport

Some of the documents that you can carry to apply for a replacement passport in a foreign country would be an extra passport photograph.  This is because you might be in a situation where you won’t get access to a photograph easily, thus delaying the process. Some citizenship proofs and a detailed itinerary copy should always be there with you.

All Important Phone Numbers Should be Reachable

Remember to keep the phone number handy of your embassy in the country of visit. Keep a backup plan ready in case you fall a prey to such a situation, the distance of the consulate from your place to the money required should all be planned out a prior.

Take Control of the Situation after the Loss

You have already lost it, no point cribbing and feeling worse. Instead start rolling out a plan for recovery or replacement. If you have been mugged or pick pocketed then you know that you have to go over to the next step but if it’s a case of misplacement don’t panic, search your bag all over after some time.

Contacting the Embassy or Consulate

Start making that one important phone call to the nearest embassy to initiate the process of recovery and also to get proper guidance.

Police Report

If you have been mugged then lodging a police report is absolutely important and remember countries vary with the procedures, so keep cool at all phases to get the work done soonest.

Once you follow some of the tips listed above, the agony might be lessened if not completely gone. But keep in mind that these replacement passports have one year validity, so deal with the same when you return to your home country.


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