If you frequently travel abroad, you must have cribbed a plenty about the huge mobile roaming bills and wondered if you could do without them.

Well the good news is you can communicate while traveling and yet not have to pay a bombshell for it.

Skype comes to your rescue. This is especially true if you are traveling through multiple countries.

It does mean that you need an internet connection each time you want to communicate but the whopping savings that you make on your mobile bills will be worth it. You can make free calls and have long conversations with others who are on Skype. It does a bit of coordination but the price could not be better and internet cafes abound.

The unlimited calling plans offered by Skype can be life savers. The domestic plans where you can make unlimited calls anywhere in U.S. and Canada are perfect for those who are traveling abroad. It means you can stay in touch with home and office irrespective of where you are at a reasonable price. Similarly the international package let’s you make unlimited calls across 40 countries. A boon, if you need to make frequent international calls.

Skype helps you keep in touch with family and business when you are traveling abroad without raking up huge bills.


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