Russia is a beautiful country, and when you are here, you might want to buy some souvenirs to give to your family and friends or just keep them all by yourself. Whatever your reasons might be, you should try out a few Russian souvenirs which are entirely exclusive to Russia and its heritage.

In this article, we are going to talk about 6 things you can get from Russia—and trust us, every item we ask you to get from Russia is worth spending your penny on. So, without further ado, let us take a look at these items.

1. Samovar


Once the lifeline of every Russian tea party, Samovar has now largely become the things of the past; but despite the antiquity, they shine as much as they did back in the days when they were in vogue.

You can easily identify Samovars—just remember how a modern-day electric kettle looks like and you might be able to detect Samovars.

Oh, yeah, you can also get the21st-century Samovars running on electricity, just FYI!

2. Palekh and Fedoskino Lacquer Boxes

Palekh and Fedoskino Lacquer Boxes

You would not be able to resist the attractiveness of these boxes!

Palekh and Fedoskino Lacquer Boxes are essentially papier-mache boxes which are wrapped in black lacquer and are painted with shiny paints. These boxes usually serve as containers of jewelry and love letters, but you can do whatever you want with them. Just, do not forget to get them when you are in Russia.

3. The famed Zhostovo Trays

The famed Zhostovo Trays

Yes, yes, we are talking about those glowing trays which have attained worldwide recognition: Zhostovo Trays.

These trays are reflective of Russian artistry and were originally indispensable parts of traditional Russian tea parties. You will be able to effortlessly identify these trays by just looking at the patterns painted onto them; they are usually bright and comprise floral designs. So, expect transparent grapes, shiny apples, and all kinds of things on your tray when you get home!

4. The Russian Nested DollThe Russian Nested Doll

Well, if you do know Matroyoshka by name, you might be able to recognize them when you see them. These dolls have been shown in a number of shows and are considered symbols of Russian culture. If you still do not get it, well, here is a hint: they are considered to be based on another famous toy, the Japanese fukuruma.

5. Caviar

We all know caviar is full of Caviarnutrition, and if you are one who would not mind carrying back to your country bottles of caviar, then make sure you get the best ones!

Russian caviar is famous not just in Russia but across the globe. It is known for its distinctive taste and healthy benefits which are easy attractions for people.

6. Orenburg ShawlsOrenburg Shawls

Last on our list is the lacy shawls which might remind you of the days of Dostoevsky and Tolstoy. These garments are quite popular in Russia owing to their delicate fabric, romantic texture and warmth which help a great deal during harsh winters.


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