packingMany times when we are getting ready to travel the most stressful thing to do to prepare for our trip is the actual packing[luggage packing] aspect.

Package can be stressful as it is oftentimes difficult to know exactly what we are going to need for two nights or twenty nights.

And sometimes there are just really efficient ways to pack with more space for other items, to separate items in the suitcase and to keep items smelling fresh for your travels.

We have put together some tips for you on how to help you pack more efficiently and how to be more organized with your packing procedures.

First of all if you are flying make sure you have plastic bags at home and remember that nearly everything nowadays has to be put into individual plastic bags when you are flying and using a carry on.

However plastic bags are not only necessary for flying they are also an excellent way to keep toiletries separate from one another and keep toiletries from leaking on anything else in your bag or suitcase.

And yet another reason to pack in plastic is because you can see everything easily, clearly and quickly. If you pack everything in plastic you can simply dip your hand into your bag or suitcase and pull things out and you will see immediately if that is what you are looking for.

Roll your clothes. It has taken awhile to get used to this concept and at first it seemed completely foreign to me however it really makes sense.

Not only will you nearly entirely eliminate any wrinkles in your clothes you will also free up a lot of space in your suitcase for other clothes you want to bring. You can roll absolutely every kind of clothing too.

A great way to pack shoes is to put them inside a pair of socks and then put that inside a Ziploc bag. This will keep them separate from other items in your suitcase and not allow the smell from the shoes to get on everything else.

Also if your shoes are not completely clean the socks and Ziploc bag will keep any dirt or germs or debris from getting on anything in your suitcase.

Pack your carry-on as if the airline will lose your luggage. Contact solution and glasses, toothbrush and toothpaste, and anything else you would need for an overnight stay somewhere unexpected.


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