Planning ahead of a trip is the key for a successful holiday. This is true particularly in case of diabetics. Here are a few tit bits on how diabetics can enjoy a safe uneventful holiday.


Inform the Agent

Informing your travel agent beforehand about your diabetic condition could open up many possibilities for you. Most travel agents have packages that take special care of travelers with diabetes. Food, insurance and systems to handle any medical emergencies are just some of them. Just remember that it helps.

Meet Your Doctor

Before you plan your trip and just before you leave for your holiday, make sure to meet your doctor and discuss the itinerary. This way, the doctor can tell you if you are fit enough to make the trip. Further, he can also advise you on how to plan your meals and medication during the trip. Also you could be advised to take appropriate vaccinations and tests to keep you from trouble and assess your fitness, respectively.

Carry Prescriptions

This is the most important aspect of traveling when you are under long-term medication. Make sure to carry the latest copy of your prescription from your doctor for all the medicines that you plan to carry along. Different countries have different procedures and it is always safer to carry your prescriptions along to avoid having your lifesaving medication confiscated. If you are taking insulin then it is only prudent to note the type of insulin you have been advised. Most importantly, keep them accessible for immediate retrieval. Insulin is administered through injections and carrying syringes and needles by flight is prohibited unless backed by medical evidence and supportive documents.

Travel Insurance

Most insurance companies do not offer insurance of any kind for pre-existing medical conditions. But there are a few which do consider the needs of such travelers and provide special travel insurance for people with diabetes. This comes at a higher premium that is proportional to the severity of your condition. However, it is a small price to pay when you consider the huge expenses you would have to incur if you were to fall ill in a foreign land.


These are just some of the important tips to make travel for diabetics a better experience. However, there are many other aspects such as packing your medications in excess and in multiple bags so that even if you lose one bag you do not fall short of your medication. Insulin needs to be stored in cool place. Too hot or too cold temperatures will spoil the insulin.


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