In case you are a single guy and you want to travel solo, you should consider several things before taking the trip. For many single guys vacations are full with pleasures, but they also hide some risks and challenges that can turn your trip into a nightmare.

Therefore, here is some advice for your dream journey and the things, which you should consider carefully. The first thing, which you should be aware of, is the problem with the taxis. In case you are traveling abroad, always check in your guide book about the licensed cab companies.

Avoid taxis that aren’t licensed and mostly, always ask about the cost. In the developed countries there is no problem with the taxis, but eventually if you are traveling into more exotic destination, check the licensed taxi companies to prevent surprises.

The next very important thing is the accommodation. Do not start your trip without researching about the right accommodation.

Avoid the family hotels or hostel dorms, for they are usually serving big families and you are surely going to seek privacy.

Therefore, turn to the apartments offered by the biggest resorts, for exactly the resorts are the places, where you can meet all kind of people.

On-site bars are the perfect place for new meetings and friends, so go for big hotels and resorts. The nightlife is also important part of the single males’ journey. Therefore, find a destination with crowded night clubs and 24- hours’ party life.

Bars and clubs are the main attraction for the young people, so check your guide book which are the right places to visit. Language barrier is also an issue, so in case you want to meet more people, choose an English speaking country or at least a destination, where English is the universal language.

Typically the tourist companies are offering the tropical islands as the best destinations for single male vacations, but this is a cliché.

You can also visit Europe’s biggest towns, where the night life and the attractions are thousand. Speaking for clichés, don’t forget the sex traps. In some countries there are special “ways” to get you robbed: by girls that you have met at the bar last night.

So, in order to prevent such surprises, be aware that sex traps are something you should avoid in your trips. Another thing you should be aware of is the problem with the diseases. Always take a condom with you, in order to prevent AIDS.


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