If you are tempted to see the Caribbean Sea and the beautiful waters on the Venezuelan Coast than you should experience the best of an exotic getaway and have an Aruba vacation.

Nowhere in the world will you see such amazing colors in the water, perfectly completed by the white of the beaches and the green of the palm trees.

An Aruba vacation will take you to a place where tourism is a way of life and the guest are welcomed with the warm “Bon Bini” – which means “Welcome!!”

The best in the Aruba vacation can be experienced in the western part of the island and here the tourist can find anything he dreams of, from delicious food to dancing on the beach all night long, spectacular night club parties and fun to the maximum.

The island coast is drawn by the white sand beaches bathing in crystal clear waters in the most amazing turquoise color you have seen only on postcards, which combined with the green vegetation offer the tourists the most complete feeling of peace and delight.

Although not impressive because of it’s rather small size, Aruba island’s tallest spot being Mountain Yamanota with only 188 m in height, this place received the name of ideal beach destination, because of the tropical climate completely without meteorological excesses especially because it is situated out of the path of the warm tropical storms.

This paradise of colors is the island of eternal summer and anyone that comes here is happy to come back.

During the Aruba vacation the tourist can enjoy the accessible beaches among which
Palm Beach stands out the most, because of the swimming possibilities, while Hadikurari beach offers the best of windsurfing opportunities

Eagle Beach welcomes the tourists ready to enjoy water sports and Arashi Beach is the spot for those who like best the cool breeze of the ocean.

Malmok is the place where the snorkeling amateurs can explore the shallow waters filled with marine life or explore the secluded little gulfs that offer an intimacy paradise. Boca Catalina is also a place where the first time diving can become an unforgettable experience.

The Arikokcare National Park is surely unique because its surface spread over 25% of the island including spectacular flora and fauna so if you are having an Aruba Vacation, make sure you make time to visit at least a part of it.

Aruba is also called “The Island of happiness” and its paradise look is making it worthy of this name. From the beauty of the beaches, the luxurious hotels and villas and the amazing opportunities that are there to make sure you a good time, an Aruba vacation is nothing short of a dream.


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