In case you are wondering where to spend a weekend with your girlfriend, here are some tips that may help you to decide.

Wellness destinations are perfect for a trip with your girlfriend, so go for spiritual journeys in Sedona and the Grand Canyon. It is a 7 day trip that includes visits to the Grand Canyon, Sedona, Red Rocks and other interesting destinations with amazing views. There you will have the chance to observe the local lore and traditions.

The yoga sessions on the rocks are said to be one of the most relaxing procedures in the country, so don’t miss them.

According to the organizers, this session will bring you harmony and power points of Earth’s energy. Sedona`s resorts offer Reiki and other spiritual ways to relax in a surrounding of the great American nature.

If you are not very big fan of the Grand Canyon, go for Yoga and Eco wellness tours in Costa Rica. It is an exotic destination itself, but combined with lavish spa procedures this journey turns to something you must experience. Costa Rica offers women-only wellness retreats with eco-minded discovery outings.

The package includes lots of different activities: evening meditation sessions, daily yoga classes, surfing, jungle tours, horseback riding, etc. The all-organic menu is rich and healthy, while the eco-friendly boutique hotel offers lavish atmosphere.

In case you don’t want to travel in another country and you want to spend a relaxing weekend with the girls, Asheville in North Carolina offers amazing beauty and wellness retreats.  There you can spend the whole weekend in the spa-center, enjoying all kind of healthy massages, aroma therapy and many more.

The so called Appalachian Spa Venture is another famous wellness spot to visit. It is a beauty retreat, where you can find thousands of beauty procedures. One of the most famous procedures is the lavender facial. It is part of a different aroma anti-aging therapy with very interesting methods.

The reflexology foot treatments are something you must experience, especially you are suffering from any health ailments.

Hawaii is also a popular girlfriend’s getaway. Maui offers amazing wellness retreats. The so called Maui Experience Massage is all about relaxation and harmony. It is a bodywork treatment with gemstones, hot rocks and marbles stones.

The fans of spiritual vacations can take a part of the Releasing Ceremony. It is a special welcoming ceremony that develops special connection with the land and the nature of Maui, so don’t hesitate to choose this wonderful wellness hot spot.


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