To witness the worldwide natural beauty, abundance of destinations are waiting to make you wonder about the natural gorgeousness the world has to offer. This article will guide you with the best names that have affluence of natural beauty.

All these destinations boast significant landscape value, and are conserved as areas of national importance. Read on and delve into the towering peaks, mesmerizing wild moor, deep gorges, undulating hills, saltmarsh, sheer cliffs, rocky shores, sandy beaches, sand dunes, and shimmering estuaries.

destinations for nature lovers1. Antarctica

For nature lovers the continent named Antarctica situated at the south pole of the world would be the best selection. The scenic beauty of Antarctica Peninsula would take away your breath as well as you will be able to follow the same path of world’s greatest voyager like Scott, Amundsen and Shackleton. To freeze in the chilled atmosphere, Antarctica will be the best destination for you. Variety of sea creatures like penguin, whales, giant squids and seals will be waiting to greet you.

2. Amazon

To enjoy the practical wild life environment you must travel the most beautiful Amazon River basin. Numerous species including 60 kgs weighted Amazon Turtle, smaller Tracaja Turtle will make your travelling adventurous. With proper precautions you can also enjoy swimming into the river inspite of dangerous creatures.

3. Siberia

Apart from South Pole, the North Pole will also attract nature lovers with its natural exquisiteness. You can enjoy the trip of travelling Santa Clause’s city with diverse destination points including Polar Museum of St. Petersburg, excursions to the Taymur Natural Reserves, preparing barbeque at the stunning Kotuy River Valley etc.

4. Papua New Guinea

If you want to indulge yourself in the cultural atmosphere, then Papua New Guinea would be your first preference. With loads of festivals, you can entertain yourself with diving, hiking and stirring around the local markets. As an offshore island of eastern Oceania, this destination is well-known due to its reasonable priced handcrafts.

5. Tibet

Tibet will enchant you with its religious environment. As a birthplace of Tibetan Buddhism surrounded with great Himalaya, this destination will surely soothe your eyes with its natural beauty. Hence it has be mentioned that this place become tourist popular with the assistance of Chinese Communist Government.

6. Tangiers

With a huge historic past this destination now-a-days has emerged as one of the popular tourist place. Authors like Tennessee Williams, Paul Bowles and Jack Kerouac originated from the unruly as well as most disturbed environment of Tangiers. After Second World War this place was united under the conjoined roof of Morocco and became the house of private investigation companies.

7. Mongolia

To experience the nomadic life, you must visit to this destination. This place is surrounded by mountains at its north and Gobi desert at its west. You can enjoy the camel ride as well as horse ride by following the footsteps of nomads. To be on the right track while traveling in the desert your need to follow proper guidance of the local people who are knowledgeable about the place.

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