Are you an avid travelling lover who just cannot get enough of going on trips and camping? Well, you are definitely not alone. There are many such travelling enthusiasts around the world who are always on the go and cannot sit at one place.

For such camping enthusiasts, there are certain items or travel accessories that are a must have. These accessories can make your camping or travelling experience much better and more enjoyable. The following is a list of the top 5 camping accessories that are a must have for avid travelers:

camping accessories that are a must have for avid travelers

1. A Camping Trailer

Ofcourse, a camping trailer is not a necessity and it is not that you cannot go camping without it. But if you are a regular camping individual who spends most of his free time moving from one camp to the other, then a horse trailer with living quarters will prove totally amazing for you. Such a trailer has all the facilities and amenities that can make your trip comfortable and some of them include a kitchen, space to sleep, refrigerator, TV space, water tank etc. Some of the good examples of trailers that can double up as your living space as well are various models from Double D Trailers.

2. A Camping Tent

If you are someone who cannot afford to buy a camping trailer, then another amazing option that you can try is a camping tent. A camping tent is a necessity for those who don’t have any other sleeping or shelter arrangement for their camping trip. A seasoned camper must own a top quality and comfortable tent which can withstand impact of all weather conditions. There are many tents available but you must buy one after proper research.

3. Stove/Kitchen Utensils

No matter where you are going for your camping trip and how many days you spend on such trips, you will need some basic kitchen or cooking items such as a stove, few utensils to cook, plates, bowls, glasses and spoons etc.  If you wish to survive on dry foods like nuts, sandwiches etc., then you can avoid the stove but it is better that you have one for longer camping tours and trips.  You must have all the other necessary gear which is important to build a campfire or start the stove.

4. Emergency Gear

It is very important to pack emergency gear and safety items such as a medical kit, fire starting kit, water purifier etc. for your survival out in the woods or the wild. Also, you must always have a communication device such as a mobile phone or a satellite phone with you.

5. Entertainment

A camp can be a very entertainment place in itself but you might need to carry certain entertaining things like sports gear, fishing gear, book, music, hiking gear etc. to have enough to do when you are outside in the lap of nature.  Avoid taking anything which takes up a lot of space or is very heavy.


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