London is indeed the most favorite holiday destination of many tourists across the world. If you too have made up your mind to explore the city of London, there are some very important points and facts that you should know. To become street savvy, the below mentioned facts will help you save your time, money and energy and you will be able to make the best out of your trip.

facts about london before travelling

1. The VISA Expiry

Always keep yourself updated with the recent rules and regulations of the passport authority. If you are from an English speaking country, no VISA is required and you can stay for 6 months. Still make sure to check about the details beforehand. The date of expiry of your passport must be after the date of your intended return from London.

2. The Weather of London is Unpredictable

Lot of people think that it always rain in London. Though this is true to some extent but the weather in London changes almost every hour in one single day. It is therefore required that you carry both an umbrella and sunglasses so that weather does not destroy the essence of your day.

3. Enormous Museums

Being the Museum capital, London has more than 250 million permanent exhibitions taking place. The three of the most visited museums are The British Museum, The National Gallery and the National Historical interesting Museum. Instead of wasting your time and energy in planning which exhibition to attend, choose to visit the popular and known ones.

4. Local Currency

If you are too confused about what to carry with you, London shops accept Euros but they will pay you back the change in pounds. If you are relying on your ATM for money withdrawal, you will get the amount in pound with extra charges as foreign transaction fee. If you want your debit or the credit card to function in London, make sure to talk to your bank before leaving. Keep yourself updated with the transaction means and rules followed in London.

5. Means of Transportation

Even if you are travelling alone or along with the group, moving from one place to another would be most convenient in London black cabs. There is a choice of buying an Oyster Card that will help you to travel in all the buses and tubes across London city. If you do not carry this card, you will have to buy tickets at every stop.

6. Get your Travel Insurance Done

The travel insurance can be done along with the flight ticket that you are willing to book for the London trip. This insurance is helpful in the extreme cases of accidents or traveling mishaps. As London is not considered as a safe country in terms of volcanoes and earthquakes, it is always good if you get your travel insurance done before traveling to London.

7. Food and Water

For the vegetarian as well as non-vegetarians, the city has large number of options, offering delicious and worthy food items. But, for a true food experience, you have to rely on the local pubs, located in the central parts. If you are too conscious about your water intake, you will have an easy access to bottled water. Also, the tap water is readily available.

Thus the above given information will surely help you to make your London trip enjoyable as well as convenient.


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