whale watching vacationWhale watching vacations can make a wonderful family vacation, a sweet and romantic couples vacation or even something perfect for an individual to do as a solo vacation.

If and when you decide that a whale watching vacation is for you or your family you will need to decide if you want to go on a whale watching cruise or possibly spend some time in a community that has chartered daily whale watching excursions such as off the coast of the Pacific Northwest like California and Washington state.

There are many different vacation planning companies and organizations that are reputable and help plan safe and fun whale watching trips.

Once you determine if you are more interested in a whale watching cruise or a whale watching destination with day trips you will need to choose between the largest whale watching communities.

The largest and most popular whale watching communities are based on the success of the whale watching excursions and the percentage of actually seeing the whales.

In Canada the whale watching is most prominent in areas such as British Columbia, Labrador, Newfoundland and the Northwest Territories. In the United States the two most prominent spots for whale watching are Washington State and California.

Central America also offers incredible whale watching experiences mainly out of Belize while North America offers extremely breathe taking whale watching experiences out of Canada, Mexico and certain areas in the United States.

One of the major whale watching organizations has been successful in exposing their clients to Orca whales, Minke whales, harbor seals, ospreys, migratory seabirds, Dall’s and harbor porpoises, cormorants and great blue herons. You really can find a whale watching organization that will offer the best possible whale watching experiences.

Many of the best times to capture the beauty of this magnificent mammal are in the early morning and the late evening. For example in San Juan Island, Washington the best time to capture the beauty and natural state of the Orca Whales are at sunset and between the hours of 5:30 p.m. and 8:30 p.m.

One thing to consider is your tendency to experience motion sickness. If you are easily affected by small boats and more apt to experience motion sickness you would probably be best off considering a whale watching cruise. Many of the day excursions for whale watching are extremely rough waters and even the most experienced boaters get sick.


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