daytona beachThe favorite place for high school and college spring breaks is Daytona Beach, every year thousands of students escape from their studies which makes the place very lively during the month of March.

Considered by some to be the most talked about beach on the planet there is always something to do here.

The Kennedy Space Center is not very far south and sometimes a shuttle launch can be actually seen from the beach. It is a good family day out and lots to see there.

Several times a year thousands of motorcyclists arrive in Daytona Beach for the many events which are held here as part of Biketober and Bikeweek. These are for all age groups and everyone is always welcome, as long as they have a motorcycle of course.

Disneyland, Orlando is only a drive away and it is advisable to buy your tickets before you get there. It will save your money and a lot of hassle. Universal Studios is well worth a visit too.

The area has many springs and state parks, where visitors can fish all day long or try snorkeling in the water that is particularly clear. With an all year round warm temperature it can be a refreshing escape, from the sun’s hot rays. This is a natural resource that can be enjoyed by all.

It is, of course, the actual beach that quite rightly gets most of the attention and why most people come here. It is the home of NASCAR and where it all began. Stock car racing on the beach remains very popular and there are various races throughout the year.


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