Everyone loves to go to the beach on a day off to relax. The wavy water washing your feet is definitely a fun and relaxing experience. To hit the beach you need to be geared up with the essentials that will help you in every possible way.

Furthermore, if you have kids or toddlers along then the gears need an extra bag. Below given is a list of some useful gears required when you are planning for a vacation on the. Make this a part of your checklist while you plan your next beach holiday –

essential gears for a beach vacation

10 Useful Gears for a Vacation on a Beach:

1. Protect your Smart Phones

Carry a waterproof and durable smart phone case while you are enjoying on the beach. This will keep you tension free by protecting your smart phones or any other electronic gadget even having water and sand everywhere around.

2. Carry Bag that can Sift Grit

You certainly do not want to bring back memories covered in sand from the beach. The simple solution is to carry all your belongings in a tote bag which acts as a sieve.

3. Friendly Sunscreen

Sunscreen is a bare necessity when it comes to the beach vacation. You need to remember that the beach, sea, sun might be fun, but you need to be careful about the UV rays that will harm your skin.

4. Beach Umbrella

Sometimes the sunrays are too harsh to bear, especially when it makes the sand fiery. To avoid this situation a beach umbrella is essential. It will protect you from the sunrays preventing sunburn and other skin troubles.

5. Do not Forget the Toys

A day out at the beach is incomplete without the beach ball, badminton racket, sand toys for the kids. When you get tired of the water, take a break and use the beach for playing.

6. Leaving your Valuables Unattended is not a Good Idea

Get hold of a Vacation Vault which is basically a portable version of a suitcase. It has a combination lock and can be attached with the help of a loop with the rest of your belongings.

7. Beach Parasheet

Instead of towels which get dirty and do not dry off easily, you can choose to invest in grand trunk parasheet. It is made up of nylon and dries off in no time at all.

8. Innovative Toys for the Adults

A unique idea for enjoying on the beach is playing invisible cards made up of PVC. These cards are bendable, waterproof and hardy.

9. A Bit of Fashion

Carry a sun hat and a sunglass which will add glamour to your repertoire and also protect your eyes and head from the scorching rays of the sun.

10. Beach Chair

At some point in time you will get tired and would need to relax and sit. The sand on the beach is not the best idea for that, thus make sure to carry your own beach chairs for that classy feel.

These are a few essential gears that could certainly help you on the beach. So, if you are thinking about spending a lovely day with your friends and family on the beach, just pack these gears and have fun.


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